ProofVision 65 Inch AIRE 4K Ultra HD Outdoor TV

4K the only way? The 65” Aire Outdoor TV has 4K Ultra HD and a high brightness screen of 1500cd/m² .

Requires External Speakers - Available Separately

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Perfect Vision, All Year Round

This IP66 rated 4K TV’s anti-reflective screen and extra bright display ensure a glare-free viewing experience, even in direct sunlight.
In addition, the 65” Aire TV uses clever heat dispersion technology as a unique way to control the temperature – keeping it cool in even very hot weather. No fans also mean the Aire TV is incredibly quiet (unlike other units on the market).

Super Slim Design

With a depth of just 67mm and weighing 50% lighter than the average outdoor screen, ProofVision offers one of the most compact television in the outdoor market.

LG FULL HD LED Commercial Panel

ProofVision uses LG – one of the most respected manufacturers in the world – to make the LED panels for their Lifestyle TVs. This ensures a crystal-clear, HD picture and a reliable and high-quality product.


• Full 4K HD 65" LG LED pane
• 1500 cd/m2 brightness
• Super-thin profile
• Built-in 2 x 30 30W amplifier
• Operating temperature -20 to 60 degrees
• IP66 rated
• Anti-reflective screen
• RS232 as standard
• Built-in HD freeview (DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S)

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