AIR Entry Level Garden Zip Wire Kit

Turn your back garden into an adventure playground with the Air Zip Wire Kit from SWR!
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The Air Kit contains everything you need for high-flying zip rides that children and adults will love. It’s easy to install too – just follow the enclosed instructions and in 90 to 120 minutes, you’ll have a completely safe zip ride to get the pulse racing.

This garden zip wire kit is available in 10m incremental lengths to suit gardens of any size. Grab the handlebar and get ready to catch some air!

Please note: we only use wire rope with diameters that meet and exceed the safety parameters recommended by cable manufacturers.

• 2.5M Securing Cables
• Domestic Zip Wire 7x19 8mm - From 10M
• Petzl P21 Tandeem Speed Trolley (Grey)
• Jaw/Jaw Hot Dip Galv Turnbuckle - 5/8" - 9"
• Handlebar
• BS464 Thimbles - 1/2"
• 10MM DIN1142 GRIPS
• 2T Green Pin Safety Pin Bow Shackle

SWR supply steel wire rope and fittings to commercial companies that specialise in zip lining activities. We have taken our knowledge and years of experience to developed a safe and easy-to-install package, so end users can enjoy the trills of a zip line.

As members of the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA) we work to strict guidelines and all our products are manufactured in ISO:9001 accredited facilities. No matter the size or location of your zip wire, we can supply high-performance wire rope to your exact specifications.

Measuring Guidelines

How long do you want your securing cables to be? This will be determined by the circumference of your supporting trees or posts.

What is "Tree Friendly"? "Tree Friendly" Securing Cables are coated in PVC to help prevent the wire from damaging the tree.

Main Zip Line - How long is it? this will be determined by the distance between your supporting trees or posts.

If you require a longer zip wire length than listed above, please call one of our friendly wire rope representatives on +44 (0)1442 353005 and we will be happy to help.

Zip Wire Disclaimer

SWR Limited manufacture and supply all assemblies used for zip wires to the relevant BS & EN standards along with fully tested and certified components and can advise on all technical aspects of the wire ropes and fittings used.

Please note SWR Limited holds no liability for any installs made using materials provided by SWR Limited that have not been safely installed using the correct professional guidance.

We highly recommend referring to the following bodies and also the relevant BS standards when performing installs using any of these products.

Zip Wire FAQ's

Is the Ø8mm zip wire suitable for adults?
No, the Ø8mm cable is strictly to only be used for children on distances no longer than 20M. Any longer than this then a minimum of Ø10mm must be used.
What is better a seat or harness?
If you are travelling at low height and a small descended angle a seat would be the most suitable option. However if you are descending from height then we recommend a Harness & Lanyard.
Do you have to drill through the tree?
The kits we supply are completely tree friendly, the cable strops fit around the tree and are held in place due to the tension put on them. We also offer a tree friendly range of securing cables that are coated in a PVC plastic coating meaning that they do not damage the tree when they are tightened.
I have a slope on my garden is this ideal for a Zip wire?
Any installation should be carefully considered by the person(s) responsible for the install. As we offer supply only this is not something we are able to advise on, however guidelines indicate that the line must remain a minimum of 2M from the ground at all times.
I have no trees in my garden what do I do?
If you do not have any trees then you can have platforms or supports built these will allow you to install a zip line. This would however entail design of a bespoke zip wire frame which unfortunately we cannot offer.
Why is the Premium option more expensive?
The Premium option uses a 19x7 rotation- resistant wire rope construction. Due to the lay and make-up of the individual strands of this rope it results in a far smoother, faster and comfortable travel experience.
What is the longest length for a commercial application?
The longest length for the domestic zip wire that we offer is 20 Metres. For the Commercial and premium lines we offer lengths of up to 70 Metres as a standard offering, if you have any enquiries for longer zip lines please contact our sales team.
What guarantee do the zip wire sets have?
Our Zip Wire kits do not come with a guarantee as factors such as Installation, Environment and usage can influence the life of the zip line.
What is the minimum recommended age for a zip wire?
This is down to the responsible adult’s perspective, we would suggest that 8 years old is a good guideline age for safe use however each child can be very different.
Can I use the Commercial Zip Wire Package in my garden?
Yes, the commercial zip wire is perfect for use in a garden the difference being that it is more heavy duty, therefore it is perfect if you plan to get a lot of use out of it.
How long does it take to install a Zip Wire?
There are a lot of factors that effect this (Rope length, installers knowledge etc) this makes it very hard to give specific timescales.
Do you offer an installation service?
No, we do not offer an installation service however we can suggest that you try looking online, contacting a local handyman or a landscape gardener.
How fast is a Zip Wire?
There is no way to be specific with the speed of a zip line. Multiple factors such as the angle of descent, the length of the zip line and the weight of the rider can impact this. If you are looking for lower speed then simply install the line at less of an angle, if you want speed then increase the angle slightly.