For contemporary appeal, choose our modular round balustrade system. It has all the features you’d expect from a deluxe system but has an eye-catching, rounded appearance suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Our balustrade systems can be used with brackets to support toughened glass from 8mm to 12.76mm in thickness. Once complete, you’ll have uninterrupted views and an understated look to suit any environment. Or combine with wire rope for a clean, modern feel - Horizontal wire balustrade is versatile enough for residential areas such as low-level decking, patios and more. Alternatively, wire rope’s hard-wearing construction is perfect for all types of commercial applications.

They’re fully customisable too. That means a flexible design which can go round corners or even up and down steps. Choose from a range of sizes, types of steel and finishes at your fingertips for completing your dream project.

Key Features

  • Modern look
  • Available in AISI 304 and 316 grade stainless steel
  • Suitable for 8 - 12.76mm thick glass or steel wire rope (available in a variety colours)
  • Fully tested system under BS6180 building regulations
  • Available with or without top handrail
  • Flexible, modular design
  • Easy to maintain

Modular Components

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  1. SSWFHR Rothley Baroque Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Handrail Kits - 3.6M
  2. X200.12.039 Heavy Duty Base Plate Cover 42.4mm
  3. F00.16.261.BOX Flat D Shaped Glass Clamp - Box of 4
  4. 200.16.261.BOX D Shaped Glass Clamp for 42.4mm Tube - Box of 4
  5. 800.16.261.BOX D Shaped Glass Clamp for 48.3mm Tube - Box of 4
  6. 4220.11.910 42.4mm Tube
  7. 4826.11.910 48.3mm Tube
  8. 220.12.010 Base Plate 42.4mm
  9. 200.12.019 Base Plate Cover 42.4mm
  10. 220.12.030 Heavy Duty Base Plate 42.4mm
  11. 826.12.030 Heavy Duty Base Plate 48.3mm
  12. 800.12.039 Heavy Duty Base Plate Cover 48.3mm
  13. 220.12.011 1050mm Upright Post and Base Plate - 42.4mm
  14. 826.12.011 Welded Floor Post (1050mm) 48.3mm
  15. 220.12.090 Short 90 Degree Base Plate 42.4mm
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